From the idea to the final product

Whatever the application or destination of your project, expanded mesh offers you complete freedom of expression.

Cover and discover

Maglia dopo maglia, foglio dopo foglio, la superficie si compone con la forma desiderata a costituire l’involucro funzionale. Gli elementi sono progettati e realizzati anche su misura, accostati secondo modularità flessibili e armoniche grazie al know-how delle installazioni.

Reveal and conceal

Expanded mesh lets you create many, innovative three-dimensional depth effects. Depending on where you stand, the look of the expanded mesh changes and so creates dynamic, unique visual effects. Thanks to the wide choice of models, you can construct the exact degree of transparency you want.

Decorate and protect

Total freedom to choose the colour you want. Not just standard RAL colours, but also “colour to measure” for functional, lasting protection.